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System Sensor RRS-MOD installation on DSC NEO System with 2-wire and 4-wire Smoke Detector Setups



Hey, guys, Hayden here again from alarm system store. And today we're going to be adding an RRS module to our DSC Neo. What this module does is if you have smoke detectors with sounders in them and one goes off, it sends a signal to the rest of the smokes in the chain to set off their sounders as well. A lot of times this is required by local regulations, local authority having jurisdiction and always for UL installations of fire systems. Over at the table we got two four wire smokes with sounders in them and the RRS mod. And we'll hop over and I'll start wiring up.

All right, so here we are with our RRS module and we have seven wires. It's quite a bit, but I'll try and make it simple for you. So first thing we're going to do is we're going to take our two power wires, which are the red and the yellow wires and those are going to go into the aux plus terminal. Next we are going to have our black wire going to the aux negative terminal. From here we are going to take the purple wire, connect it to PGM one and our orange wire is going to go to PGM two. On the neo, you will also need one 5.6k resistor, green, blue, red and gold. And that is going to go from the aux plus terminal to PGM One.

Okay, this is what your final product should look like. So now we are going to move over to our first smoke. All right, so I have two four wire smokes here with sounders in them. Now, process is going to be very similar for a two wire as well. You're just going to use two less wires. From the RRS mod you have a brown and a white. These are going to be your positive and negative going into your first smoke. The brown is going to be your positive and the white is going to be your negative. So we will feed these in and that is all you will have on your first smoke if you are using two wires.

Now, since we're using four wire smokes, we need two additional wires for the zone. Okay, so this is what your first smoke should look like using four wire. Now, the other end of these two terminals or these two wires is going to go to your zone. So I will be hooking them to zone one here in a moment. But first, let's hook up our second smoke. So just like we did on our four wire video, we are going to take our red to positive two, black to negative, and then our white and green or yellow and green and connect them to our zone terminals. That is what your first smoke will look like.

Brown from the RRS mod coming into terminal one, white from the RRS mod going to terminal three, and then the rest of your four wires for your four wire smokes. Now that is all of the wiring that you need to do for the RRS mod. Now as for programming, we have to program two pgms for the RRS Mod to work properly. So that troubles for a low battery. I don't have a battery hooked up right now.

So we're going to go into our programming, it's going to be star eight five and we're going to go to PGM programming, which is nine PGM definitions. Now for this first PGM, PGM one where we connected the purple wire, it needs to be set as a fire and burglary output. What this does is it makes it act like a siren output or a bell output whenever a fire or burglary signal is activated. Let's press star. And for PGM two we are going to set it. Since we have four wire smokes, this is going to be set as sensor reset. If we were using two wire smokes, it would be set as a two wire smoke definition. So we will set this as sensor reset. Now, there is one additional step that we need to take on PGM one. So hit pound and get back to your red lock select section. We are going to scroll over to PGM attributes, hit star and then scroll over to PGM one. PGM true output. This is the only option that's available for PGM one. This needs to be set to no. So hit star. Make sure that says in press pound to back all the way out.

Now our system is ready to arm and we can set off these smokes and we can test it. So as you can see, whenever we set off one of these smokes, it turned the sounder on in this one. Now, this smoke is still not actually reading that there was an alarm. All the RRS mod does is tells the rest of the smokes to turn on their sounder. So as you can see, wiring an RRS mod is not terribly complicated. Worst part is the thickness of the wire and how much space it takes up. Using something like a DT 600 is a very good option. We sell these on our store very cheap, very effective. It's basically a wire splitter and would allow you to move the RRS mod to another location in your panel so it's not taking up all that space on your key bus. Otherwise you guys know what to do. Likes subscribe comment tell us what you want to see, and I'll catch you on the next one.