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Resolution Products Wireless Driveway Alert Sensor

Resolution Products Wireless Driveway Alert Sensor

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Hey everybody, Jon Boroughs here with, and I'm here to introduce you to one of our newest products that we have on the website. It is a wireless driveway alert system. And no, it's not a club, I'm not gonna smack you with it. It does does kinda look like a club, but this thing is really handy. If you guys out there have seen driveway alert systems, you know that most of the times they are wired, and you do have to dig a huge trench down the side of your driveway to install them. But not with this. This is made by Resolution Products, and they have them for most of the major brand alarm systems. They have GE, Honeywell, 2GIG, and DSC versions. The GE version is a RE104, the Honeywell and 2GIG is an RE204, and the DSC version is an RE304. We did it, we're gonna do a technical support video on that one for you so you can see, you know, pretty much how easy it is to use this.

You just take this outside and you plant it alongside your driveway. They do include this, it's a spike that you can use to stick it in the ground, but it is kinda short. I read in the manual that you are supposed to mount it at car door handle heighth, but they do include another piece with this kit that allows you to mount it to like a wooden post or what have you, so, you know, mount it like that. All weather construction, you know, you can leave this outside all year round, not gonna get battered by the weather, and like I said, most importantly, no digging.

What this does is it sits alongside your driveway and constantly monitors the earth's magnetic field, and when a large metallic object passes by it, like a car, it will set'll set this off and it'll send a signal to your system. It's pretty much immune to pets, wildlife, leaves, dust, sunlight, so you're not gonna have to worry about a lot of false alarms. It will only send a signal if a car passes by it.

Very neat product, very handy, takes a lot of the guesswork out of having driveway alerts, takes out a lot of the back breaking labor involved in installing a wired one, so recommend this to you guys, go ahead and check it out on our website, If you have any technical questions about this or any of our other products, call 888-811-0727, choose the technical support menu option on the phone menu and we'll be glad to help you out. My name's Jon Boroughs, thanks for being with me today, and I look forward to bringing you more videos on some really neat products.