BBB Business Review

Remote Arm/Disarm

All Interactive accounts come with the ability to arm and disarm your system remotely. This can be done through the mobile app, or you may sign into the browser portal to access your account. Once signed in you will have the ability to arm and disarm your from anywhere, this even includes disarming the system during an alarm if you know it is a false. 

By default the arm/disarm function will follow the standard procedure your panel performs to arm the system, however you are given other options to arm remotely. You can arm the system in both stay and away mode, and there are toggle options that allow you to arm the system silently, and even arm in "no-entry delay" mode. This removes the normal delay that counts down after your front door is opened for example meaning the intruder has less time to infiltrate your home before the system goes off. You are also able to bypass any sensors that may be open keeping your system from arming.