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Module Superv. Trouble? How To Fix Module Supervision Troubles On The DSC PowerSeries NEO

Hey, guys, Hayden here again from alarm system store. And today we're going to be going over supervisory troubles on the DSC Neo system. So what I have set up here is just a keypad and a single 2108 zone expander. And once we enroll these, the system is going to want to be able to see those at all times. So it's going to be trying to supervise every module.

So basically, if you get one of these troubles, it's telling you that it cannot see that module. So I'm going to get this set up and enrolled and then I'll show you guys the trouble and then show you what to look for whenever this happens to you, all right?

So I got the system hooked up, got the module enrolled and we have a trouble condition. So if we hit star two, we'll go in and look at that and it's going to say "Module Superv." supervisory is what that stands for. Hit star on that. And it's going to tell you it is a module supervision trouble for a zone expander. And then if you hit star again, it will tell you what zone expander actually has the issue.

So again, as we did in our previous module style video, I'll show you how to figure out what module is what on your system. And then as for checking it nine times out of ten, actually more than that, probably 99% of the time, this is going to be related to a wiring issue. So we'll check that in a minute. But first, if you go into your programming, which is going to be star eight, followed by your installer code.

And when we get into programming, we're going to go to section 90 two. There are a couple of places you can check this, but 902 is what I tend to use the most. So if we go to 902, we can scroll over and essentially look at the edit module slot section. And that is going to tell us basically what slot each module is enrolled on. And then if you want to, you can change it. If you were going to do that when you installed it, that would be how you do it. But this is the quickest way to just get the serial number of the module that is having the trouble.

So we're going to go to edit module slot. Then right here it's showing the keypad, which is this one, and it's showing 01 up here at the top right. So that is showing that this keypad is keypad one. And it'll show the serial number for that. Now if we scroll to the right, you'll see HSM 2108 01 and then it's going to give the serial number for that zone expander.

So if we look on here, you'll see this sticker. It's smaller, it's got a QR code on it. Right here at the top, it says SN. That is the serial number that you're looking for. So just make sure that that matches. And then you will know exactly which zone expander is in what slot. And then you can go and start to diagnose the treble. So if we back out of here, essentially, like I was saying, 99% of the time this is due to a wiring issue.

And basically, if you look, everything looks okay at first glance. But if we start tugging on the wires a bit, just making sure that they're connected. Over here, we have a green wire that has broken off in the terminal. So it can be kind of hard to see. But essentially, right inside here is a broken piece of wire. And then the green has no metal actually sticking out of it. Essentially, all we need to do is restrip the green wire, remove that small piece of metal from the green terminal and reconnect the green wire. Now, what I'm going to do real quick is I'm going to restrip all of these wires so that they are the same length.

Before we start messing with any wiring outside of checking visually, we are going to power down the system. And that is just to make sure that nothing gets shorted so that you don't end up with an actual busted module. And then it won't work, period. So I'm going to power down the system by removing the battery and disconnecting the transformer. Once our keypads are powered down, there's no led lights on anywhere. We know it's powered down. Now, I'm going to restrip those wires and I will be right back.

All right, so upon booting the system back up, you will still have a trouble condition. Unless you have service. But that is going to be for the date and time, so we'll set that real quick. So, now that we've cleared the trouble, all there is to really do is test and make sure that the module is doing what it's supposed to do. In your guys' case, you will likely have zones attached to your zone expanders. So if it's a door or window, just open and close it. Make sure that it shows open when it's open, closed when it's closed, et cetera.

There's nothing really much else to check with. Module supervision trebles, all of them are going to be connected by the core bus, which is the red, black, yellow and green wires that we were looking at a minute ago. So make sure all four of those are connected. You don't have any broken wires, any loose wires. Make sure that there's no insulation inside the terminals on the system because that can interrupt the electrical signal. Outside of that. Just test and make sure it's working, and you guys should be good to go.

Hopefully that was informative. And if you want to see more troubleshooting videos, you can check out our how to videos under the resources tab on our website, Or you can check out our YouTube channel, which is just Alarm System Store on YouTube. That's all there really is to cover bout module supervision troubles. So I will catch you guys on the next one.