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Linking System Accounts on


 Hey guys, Hayden here again from Alarm System Store. And today I am showing you guys how to link accounts on So it's pretty simple I have to show this on the computer though, because the app does not allow you to screen capture in certain areas, especially logging information because that's classified. But the only difference between the computer and the app is that on the computer, to get to the area we need to be in you click settings and then go to log in information here on the app.

I'll put a picture on the screen, but there is a menu that pops up on the left side like this one, and the login information is directly on that menu. So it's actually easier to get to on an app than it is a computer. But that way I've got both covered, so you guys know how to get there.

But basically we're just going to this log in information page so click on that and then this shows you your current login information and you can reset your password security question and all that nonsense. But what we're looking for is down at the bottom where it says link a system. So you're going to click on that and then it shows the current system that you are logged into.

So this is my IQ two plus demo system. So that's the only one that shows here. But if I wanted to add another log in for a different system to click add and then I've already populated my other account, but basically my other account log in is my email and that is for my office account here. So once you have that put in, log in and password, you'll click next and then it shows you or asks you if you want to confirm that you want to link the systems.

And we do. But first, this checkbox here, it's pretty important if you click this checkbox what it's going to do is delete the other log in. So if I click this checkbox my hayden@alarmsystemstore email log in is going to be deleted, so I will only be able to access using my IQ two plus log in name.

So if you plan on having your systems linked indefinitely, it's not a bad idea to do that, but I need to keep mine separate, so I'm not going to click it. But once you've decided what you're going to do you will click confirm, and then it will take you to this page. And now you can see I have both the IQ two demo system as well as my AlarmSystemStore office account under one log in.

Alternately, if I have them linked and I did want to separate them again, for whatever reason, this little trashcan over here, you click on that, it's going to ask you if you want to delete your other link system. So now my IQ two plus log in will not be able to access the alarm system store office. And if you're sure, click confirm.

And now it's back to just letting me see the IQ two plus from this log in. One thing to note about linking systems is whichever system or I'm sorry, whichever account you link from that needs to become your main account. So like if I linked this system to the office account, if I logged into the office account, I would not be able to see the IQ two plus system.

I would only be able to see the office account system. So whenever you link accounts if you don't delete your other log in, keep in mind that if you do happen to log in using the other systems log in, you won't have access to both systems. You have to sign in to the one that you linked to be able to see both systems.

So with that said, I hope all of you out there that need to link systems enjoyed this video and like and subscribe. You guys know what to do and I will catch you guys on the next one.