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Interlogix Simon XT Quickstart

Download the Interlogix Simon XT Quickstart Guide HERE

I recommend doing a full system default from the get go:

Return to factory default

Unplug ac and battery power and hold the Doors, motions, disarm, status buttons AND the tamper spring on the back all at the same time and hook the battery back in followed by the ac

*You must install the battery first*

If you still get a “low battery” warning

Start then cancel a sensor test. Setting the time

Press enter – you see “set clock” – press enter again and it asks for a code which is 4321 by default – then press enter twice and the first two digits start blinking, scroll up/down till you reach the hour you’d like and press enter again – now the next set are blinking scroll till you get the minutes you’d like and press enter – now an “a” is blinking scroll to “p” if its pm or leave it on “a” if its am. And press enter again, now just press the status button twice and time is saved.

Learning in sensors & Matching sensors with groups

First scroll to system program – hit enter – installer code – enter – scroll till you get to

“sensors” – enter – scroll to learn sensors – enter – then trip sensors – then status status to exit

Common groups

Indoor motion sensor 17 (intrusion), 25 (chime) Outdoor motion sensor 25 (chime only) Entry/exit door 10

Interior door 14

Window sensor 13

Smoke Sensor 26

Keyfob 01, 03, 06, 07

ELM keyfob 01, 03, 06, 07

Remote Handheld Touchpad 01, 03, 06, 07

CO Alarm 34

Freeze Sensor 29

Water Sensor 38

Sensors have to be learned in certain groups for their unique attributes to be effective such as, entry/exit delays, 24 hour smoke detector, instant alarms, etc. to do this refer to page 7 in your installation manual under recommended sensor groups and choose what group best describes your application and type for each individual sensor, Example, Entry/exit door sensor would be in group 10, and a smoke sensor would be in group 26. So, after you have learned in a sensor, the “grp” will be flashing, just scroll up/down till you get to the group number you need and press enter. Next it will be flashing front door, just scroll up/down to find a description that best describes your area that is being protected, and if there is not one you can scroll further choosing letters to customize your application, then press enter. Then it gives you another blank to ad some customized info, after you have completed this press enter again, now it want you to trip the next sensor and define its group, continue until you have no more sensors and press the status button about 4 times which will save your information and back you out to the clock.

Setting entry/exit delay times

Scroll up/down to system programming press enter, now enter your 4 digit installer code which is 4321 by default, now scroll to timers and press enter, now scroll to entry or exit delay and go up or down to program the delay times that will be flashing and press enter when desired time appears.

Changing master/installer codes

Scroll up/down to system programming. Press enter and your installer code and then press enter, now you’re at access codes, press enter again. You can change, installer and master codes plus add up to 8 user codes.

Programming phone numbers

Scroll up/down to system programming, press enter and your installer code and press enter again. Now scroll up/down to phone #’s and press enter, you see phone #1 press enter and then the number (just like you’d have to call it from a regular phone), then press enter, it will say phone#2 and do the same, you can enter up to 4 numbers.

Then go into "reporting" then "report comm modes" and set each phone to "voice dialer"

* Note, to get the option for certain functions, delay times, chime feature, etc. you must select a group that will utilize the attribute. *