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How many zones can a NetworX system have?


The Interlogix NetworX line of control panels come in a few different models. The models that exist in the NetworX line are the NX4, NX6, NX8, and NX8E.

The NX4 is the smallest in the NetworX line. It starts out with 4 onboard hardwired zones and has the capability, with expansion modules, to do 8 zones total.

The next biggest in the NetworX line is the NX6. The NX6 comes with 6 onboard hardwired zones and, with hardwired expansion modules, can do up to 12 hardwired zones. Also, with the addition of a wireless receiver, the NX6 is capable of having up to 16 wireless zones as well.

The next panel in the NetworX lineup is the NX8. The NX8 starts with 8 onboard hardwired zones. It has the capability of having up to 48 zones total and those can be a mix of hardwired and wireless devices.

The last NetworX that we carry on the site is the NX8E. The 'E' stands for extended. The NX8E has 8 onboard hardwired zones. With hardwired expansion modules the panel can accomodate up to 148 wired zones. You can also add a wireless receiver to this panel and get 48 wireless zones for use.