BBB Business Review

Interactive App Information

When using's interactive plans you are provided access to a mobile app and computer portal in which you can view and control your system. The app allows you to arm and disarm your system while providing options to perform specific arming functions, such as bypassing sensors. In addition you will be able set and adjust user codes for the system, and you are also able to create additional logins for others that you want to give access to your alarm panel. The app is also where you will set up your email, text and push notification preferences, and you will need the app installed on your mobile device if you wish to use push notifications.  

At higher interactive plan levels, the app allows you to control automation features as well. Through the app you will enroll and set up rules for Z-wave devices, and you can create schedules and scenes similar to standard Z-wave hub setups. On top of that though, if you also decide to use video cameras, you will be able to access and view your cameras directly through the app, and even set up automation rules around system and video events. 

The app has a lot to explore, and it contains tutorials on how to use different features. It even provides access to's customer knowledge base which contains loads of information on devices and features that works with. You can download the app for a simple demo if you wish, just search "" on either the Google Play store, or the Apple app store.