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How To Set User Access Codes For The Simon XTi 5 Tutorial

A tutorial for the Simon XTi-5 for setting up and changing user access codes


Hi. My name is Jason with In today's video, I'm gonna show you how to program the access codes on the Simon XTi-5, and what each one does. We'll be going over the installer code, master code, user codes, etc. As always, make sure you subscribe to our channel. It helps us get the word of DIY security out to everybody, more people that subscribe, the more people that'll see it. At the end of the video, we are doing another giveaway for these decals. So, make sure you stay tuned for details on that. So, let's go ahead and get to the table, and we'll get started on the access codes.

All right, so changing access codes on the system's pretty intuitive. You're gonna go to the system settings here on the bottom right, and you scroll down all the way to the bottom, and you'll see programming. So, go into programming. Now, you'll wanna enter first the installer code. So four, three, two, one go into there. Now, this gives us this full menu here. If we go to the access codes, you can see it gives us a dealer code and an installer code, which right now those are the exact same. It gives us master code, and then the full list of user codes. And at the bottom, you can see duress code. And then, there's a code size option as well. So, let's compare this to if we go into programming with the master code, which is still on the default, one, two, three, four. So, we still hit the access code button, but when we go in there, we get just the master code so no installer code, or dealer code. We still get all of the user codes. We get the duress code, but we do not get the code size. So basically, the master code allows you change pretty much all the relevant user codes for day to day use. But, it's not gonna allow you to make any major changes.

So let's go back. Enter programming with the installer code, and just go through changing that. So, enter four, three, two, one, go to access codes, then you're just gonna tap on installer code, and you can just start typing, or you can hit delete, either way. Let's change it to nine, eight, seven, six. So, it shows up right there. If you make a mistake you can hit backspace, under enter. Once you have it exactly how you want it, you're gonna hit save.

Now, the installer code, you wanna make sure that you know what that is. Because if you don't have it, and you need to make a change to the system in the future, maybe a sensor goes back, you have to replace it, whatever the case is, it's gonna make it a lot more difficult to do if you do not have your installer code. And really, in knowing the installer code is almost more important than knowing your master code, or any of your other user codes. Because, with the installer code, you can always change the master code to something you know, or check to see what it is, and all the user codes. So once you have that, you can just close out.

We'll go back in with the master code. And again, the same thing, but maybe we wanna just change the master code to six, seven, eight, nine, and then hit save. Then, we can add a user code. Nine, nine, nine, nine, hit save. Then go down the list and add whatever you want. Now, one thing you'll see here is the duress code. So duress code, it's an interesting code. It's something you'll wanna give to pretty much everybody that can use the system. If you use a duress code, it's not used extensively, especially in residential cases. But what it does, is if somebody, say, has you at gunpoint, and tells you to disarm your system. It's not gonna be a normal case, because most people break into your house, and do it when it's empty. But, let's say it happens, and you set your duress code to one, one, one, one. Just like that. Your system's armed, you come in, somebody's got you at gunpoint, they tell you to disarm the system. You can enter one, one, one, one. It'll disarm the system. So everything will seem normal, but it will also send a panic signal to your central station, or if you're doing self-monitoring, it'll send to whatever you're using through, or whatever. So, it's a way to kinda send a help signal without endangering yourself if somebody is forcing you to do something on the alarm system. So, that's all there is to the access code programming. It's really easy on this system, very intuitive.

All right, guys. I hope you found that helpful. If you did, make sure you hit the like button. And as I said, we are doing the giveaway on these decals. We're giving away five decals to five different people. To win them, all you have to do is comment on the video within one week of our posting date. So, if there's more than five people that posts, everyone has an equal chance of winning, and we'll be announcing those to replying to your comment in one week. So, thanks for watching this video, and I'll see you in the next one.