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How to do wireless enrollment for the Interlogix NetworX Tutorial

A video tutorial for enrolling wireless devices on the Interlogix NetworX series of alarm systems


Hi, my name is Jason, with In today's video, I'm going to be showing you how to learn in wireless devices on the Interlogix Networx panels. This video is a pretty quick programming guide for you. It goes along with our full programming video where I show you how to do all the basic programming steps, including hardwired zones on the alarm system. So, let's go ahead and get to the table and we'll get started.

So to program in a wireless device, basically what you just need to do is same steps as programming hardwired zones. So if you watch our other programming video, or check out the quick start guide, it shows you kind of how to do that. On this, you have to set the zone type and partition and everything like that. But then you need to actually tell the system this device corresponds to this zone. So to do that, it's not too difficult, first, you go into programming, star eight, followed by your installer code, default is nine, seven, one, three. And then you need to go to the device address, so this will vary depending on how you have your dip switches set on your wireless receiver. You want to check the manual for your wireless receiver to figure out how its set. Generally, you can just leave it on whatever it's at. But you will want to make sure that you have the correct address that corresponds to that. So our wireless receiver is on device address 33.

So, we'll enter 33 and then #. Yours might be 32 or 34 or whatever you have it on. Once you enter your wireless receiver's device address and then push #, it'll say enter location, then #. Here you'll enter zero and then #. So now it's looking for a zone number basically. So, it says location zero segment one, you can pretty much ignore that. You need to tell it what zone number we're looking at here. So let's say we're putting this door contact on zone 10. You just enter 10 and then you'll push star. So then it's going to say enter location and then # again, for now, ignore that. You're just going to tamper the device or whatever, depending on the device it'll be slightly different. For this door contact, I'm just going to push tamper switch in and release it.

You get that bing bong type chime and that means that it worked. That's a good sign. If you have more interlogix wireless devices, it's really easy. You're just going to enter zero # and repeat those steps. It let's you enter zone number, maybe zone 11, star, tamper the device, etc. Once you're finished, you can just hit "Exit" twice and that will take you back out of programming. So enrolling devices on the Networx is pretty simple.

All right, I hope I helped you guys out with that one. We do get a lot of questions on that because it is a little bit tricky with what the keypad shows you. It kind of looks like it's not working until you actually tamper that and you get that chime sound. And then you kind of know it's working. But for your first time, a lot of people get confused on it. So if you did find this video helpful, make sure you hit the like button. As always, subscribe to our channel. We're releasing new videos all the time. Thanks for watching, and I'll see you in the next video.