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How do I change entry and exit delays on the DSC Impassa?


Any doors that you regularly enter/exit through you will want to make a delay zone. This will give you time to exit your premises before the system arms and will also give you an entry delay when you enter so that you can disarm the system. You will generally want to make your delay times long enough to allow you plenty of time to exit or disarm the system, but not so long that it gives a burglar time to disable the alarm panel. To customize these delays follow these steps:

  1. You will enter into programming by pressing *8 and then enter the Installer Code which is 5555 by default.
  2. Enter programming section 005.
  3. Next enter 01.
  4. The first delay that you’ll enter is for entry delay 1. You’ll enter the duration in seconds using 3 digits using values from 030 to 255.
  5. Do the same thing for entry delay 2.
  6. And again for the exit delay. Use values 045 to 255 for the exit delay.
  7. Press # a few times to exit programming.