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How do I change the chime sound for each zone on my DSC 1616, 1832, or 1864 keypad?

Chime modification is not very difficult. You will need to know your installer code for the system to get into programming. The factory default is 5555.

First you need to enter keypad programming.

Enter *85555*

Display should read " Enter LCD Section."

Next you will enter 2 followed by 2 digit zone number for the zone you want to change. So if it's zone 1 enter 201.

The PK keypads give us 4 options for chime tones:

Option 1=6 beeps
Option 2= Bing-Bing sound
Option 3=Ding Dong sound
Option 4= Alarm Tone

Select the number of the option you want. Make sure any other options are toggled off

Repeat the above for any other zones you wish to change. ### to exit.