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How do I add wireless zones to the DSC Impassa?


  1. Enter programming. Press *8 followed by your installer code. Default code is 5555.
  2. Now go to section 898. This is the Wireless Enrollment Mode.
  3. You will need to activate the device that you are enrolling. This can be done in different ways depending on the kind of device. You’ll want to trip or tamper the device so that it broadcasts its serial number to the panel.
  4. The keypad should beep and display the ESN of the device that you’re enrolling. Confirm that it is correct and then press *. If it is not correct then press # and try again. Most likely another unenrolled device was picked up instead.
  5. The keypad will now ask for the zone number. Enter the 2 digit zone number and press *.
  6. Next you’ll need to enter the 2 digit zone type. The zone type definitions can be found in the manual. Press * to finish enrolling the device.
  7. You can repeat steps 3-6 as needed. When finished press # twice to exit programming.