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How much power can a Honeywell Vista system provide?


A Honeywell Vista system, no matter what the model, can provide 600 mA of auxiliary power for devices. It can also provide, on the bell circuit, a short term power output of 2A. 

We suggest to stay at least 10% under the maximum power output of 600 mA. If you think that you may go over that limit then you’ll need to add an additional power supply. The most common additional power supply to use is the Ademco (a.k.a. Honeywell) 12612. The 12612 will provide an additional 1A of power to a Honeywell Vista panel. The 12612 will require its own cabinet, backup battery and transformer.

Quite a few of the hardwired devices you’ll add to a Honeywell Vista will pull a small amount of amperage, but if you add a few then they start to add up. The most common items with larger power consumption are the keypads and cellular communicators.