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How many zones can a Honeywell Vista system handle?


Honeywell Vista systems come in various capacity models. Each different model has its own zone capacity. Also, some Honeywell Vista panels are capable of partitioning. Partitioning is where you can set up an alarm system for separate buildings or areas so that they can be armed and disarmed independently of each other.

The Honeywell Vista 10P has the capacity of 22 zones. There are an initial 6 hardwired zones on the main board itself. You can expand up to the max of 22 zones with a 4219 Hardwired zone expander card or you can add a 5881 wireless receiver. This panel does not have partitioning capability

The Honeywell Vista 15P Is the next largest panel in the Vista series. The Vista 15P can do a total of 22 hardwired and 26 wireless zones. The panel itself starts with 6 hardwired zones and, just like the 10P, and you can expand up to the max capacity for hardwired zones with the 4219 hardwired zone expander. You can also add the 5881 wireless receiver to utilize the wireless zones. This system, like the Vista 10P, also does not support partitioning.

The Honeywell Vista 20P is the next in the Vista line and it has a higher zone capacity than the previous two panels. The Vista 20P has a capacity of 48 zones total. There are an initial 8 hardwired zones on the main board leaving you to be able to add 40 more zones wired or wireless. To add more hardwired zones use the 4219 and to use wireless use the 5881 wireless receiver just as with the other two panels. The Vista 20P can support up to two partitions which means you could have the house on one partition and the garage on another partition. That way you can arm and disarm them separately.

The Honeywell Vista 21ip is the last in the series and it’s just like the Vista 20P entirely except that it includes a built-in internet communicator.