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Can the Honeywell Vista Series be used to do monitoring through a central station?


You can, indeed, use the Honeywell Vista systems for central station monitoring service. Using different methods of communication; your Honeywell panel can send signal to a central station and the operators will then, in turn, contact local authorities such as the police, fire department or ambulance service. There are several ways that this can be accomplished and we will outline these below.

The first, least expensive and becoming increasingly scarce way a Honeywell Vista system can send signal to central station is through traditional POTS landline channels. The Vista systems contain a built-in landline phone dialer. All that needs done, really, to hook this up is to run a phone cable from an existing phone jack in the house to the panel. At the panel end you’ll snip the plug off of the phone cord and wire the red (ring) wire to the ring terminal and the green (tip) wire to the tip terminal. Sometimes people will want a line seizure feature so that when the panel dials out it will seize the line so that no other handset in the house, if picked up, will interrupt the call. If you would like to do this then you’ll need an RJ31X line seizure phone jack. The Vista panel will have to be the first in line from the outside phone box and then you’ll feed out from it to the rest of the handsets in the house.

The next way a Honeywell panel can contact a central station is through a cellular method. There are a couple of cellular communicators that can be used with the Vista systems. One model, the GSMX-4G, is a cellular communicator that can send signal over the GSM cellular frequency. They also have a cellular communicator model, CDMA-X, which uses a Verizon type cellular frequency to send alarm signal. They also have some cellular communicators that are two-way voice compatible, like the GSMV, that will let you talk back and forth with central station operators if you have microphones and speakers.

The last method that a Honeywell Vista panel can send signal to a central station is via the internet. In the Vista 21ip there’s a built-in internet communicator so nothing else is needed for that panel to communicate via internet. If you’re using a Vista 15P or Vista 20P then you can add the 7847i internet communicator to use the internet as your communication pathway for sending signal to central station.