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Can the Honeywell Vista do wireless as well as wired devices?


The Honeywell Vista systems are capable of doing not only hardwired devices, but wireless devices as well. To use wireless devices on a Honeywell Vista panel you’ll need to add either a hardwired keypad with a built-in receiver like the 6160RF

If you don’t need to add another keypad the you can also just add the receiver unit to the system. The model of receiver you’ll use is the 5881. They have three different versions of the 5881 available. The first is the 5881ENL which is a smaller capacity receiver and can handle up to 8 Honeywell 5800 series wireless devices. The next biggest receiver Honeywell makes is the 5881ENM and it can handle up to 16 wireless devices. And finally, there is the 5881ENH and this receiver can handle as many zones or wireless devices the panel has the capability of using (minus the hardwired zones of course). One thing to keep in mind about the 5881 series of receivers is that you won’t be able to use two-way devices with them as they are because they don’t have a built-in transceiver module like the keypads do.

If you do need 2-way capability then you will want the 5883H transceiver that Honeywell makes. This will allow you to use Honeywell wireless devices that not only receive information from the Honeywell Vista panel, but also send information back to the Vista panel. Like the 5881ENH; the 5883H can handle as many wireless devices as the amount of zones that the Vista panel you’re using is capable of.