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How do I set the Honeywell Vista keypad address?


Each keypad on a Vista alarm system needs to have its own unique address. Having the same address assigned for two keypads will cause one or both to malfunction. For standard keypads, you will use addresses 16 through 23.

  1. Power down the alarm system by unplugging the AC power transformer and disconnecting the backup battery. If the keypad is not currently wired to the control panel do that now.
  2. Power the alarm system up by plugging in the AC power transformer. You can leave the backup battery off at this point.
  3. Within 50 seconds of the keypad that you addressing receiving power: Press and hold the 1 and 3 buttons at the same time.
  4. Con Addr = will appear and you will need to enter 16 if it is the first keypad. 17 for the second keypad. Etc. Then press *

TIP: It can be very helpful to have a second person so that you don’t have to run through the house to get to the keypad in time. But if you don’t have anyone available to help, you can temporarily connect the keypad nearby where you plug in the AC power. The keypads will retain the address after being powered down again. Just remember that it is always best to remove power from the system before making any wiring changes.