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How do I program a hardwired zone on a Honeywell Vista?


To program hardwired zones you will use field *56. The *56 menu will take you through step by step to input all the information for each zone. You’ll use * to continue and # to back up.

  1. Installer code followed by 800 to get into programming mode.
  2. Enter *56
  3. Set to Confirm will be displayed on the screen. This is only used for wireless zones so you can select 0 for the purposes of this tutorial.
  4. Enter the Zone Number you wish to program and press *. A summary screen will be displayed. Press * again to advance past the summary screen.
  5. Enter the Zone Type (ZT). Refer to the installation manual for a full list of zone types. Press * to continue.
  6. If you’re on a Vista 15P, skip this step. 20P and 21iP panels will enter the partition number (PT 1 or 2). (NOTE= Partition 3 is for common areas between partitions 1 and 2). Then press *.
  7. Report Code (RC) should be left at 01. The summary will show 10 though this is correct. Press * to continue.
  8. Enter Hardwire Type (HW). If you used a resistor enter 0, for normally closed zones enter 1, and for normally open zones enter 2. Press * to continue.
  9. Response Time should be left at 1. Press * to continue.
  10. Summary Screen will appear. Press * to continue.
  11. At this time you can enter the zone label if you want by entering 1. Or if you want to use the *82 Alpha Descriptors programming menu later, enter 0.
  12. You are ready to enter the next zone. Repeat all above steps for each zone. Once finished enter 00* for the zone number to exit the *56 menu.
  13. Press *99 to exit programming mode. 

If you are using less than the number of hardwired zones on the panel, we recommend disabling those unused zones in programming by entering 00 for the zone type and then selecting 1 when asked if you want to delete the zone.