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How do I program a four button key fob on a Honeywell Vista?


Wireless keys are one of the hardest things to program on a Vista panel. Luckily they aren’t too hard, but there is a few steps to it.


  1. Enter programming with your installer code followed by 800.
  2. Go to *58.
  3. When it says set to confirm select 1.
  4. At the summary screen you will want to press the ‘D’ key. It is the bottom function key on the left side of the keypad.
  5. The screen should ask for a template. The most common one for the 5834-4 keyfob is template 3. For a full list you can check the programming guide.
  6. If on a 15P, skip to the next step. For 20P or 21iP, you have to select partition 1 or 2 and then press *.
  7. The system will automatically pick the lowest zone of the highest consecutive 4 zone set and display that on the screen. It is a good idea to write that zone number down so that you have it for easy reference later. Then press *.
  8. Here you can press and release a button to transmit the serial number for the wireless key or just enter it manually. Press * when finished.
  9. Press a button on the remote to confirm that the serial and loop numbers match.
  10. You will then be shown the next available zone to add another key. If you are adding another key, repeat steps 7-9. Otherwise enter 00 to exit.
  11. You will be back at a zone summary screen at the beginning of the *58 menu. Enter 00 and press * to exit.
  12. Enter *99 to exit programming mode.
  13. Now you will need to associate each wireless key with a user code before they will function. To do this you will enter the following string of numbers: master code - 8 - user number - #4 - zone number. Master code would be replaced by your 4 digit master code, for our example we’ll use the default of 1234. The user number we will use is 02. This is the master user number. 03 would start the first general user number. And then you would use the zone number from step 7. For our example we’ll use 49. So the full string would be 1234802#449. We recommend writing out what you’ll be using to make entering it much easier. After entering the proper string of code you will hear a ding from the keypad.