BBB Business Review

I can’t get into programming. What do I do?


If you've tried entering your 4-digit installer code followed by 800 and you are unable to get into programming then you've done one of three things. You've either inadverntantly changed your installer code in programming, are using the wrong code, or pressed *98 instead of *99 to exit programming.

To regain access into programming you will go to the main control cabinet, unplug the backup batteries and transformer. Then you'll let it sit powered down for 1 second and then plug in the transformer. (Do not worry about the battery at this point.) Within 30 seconds of plugging the transformer back in you will need to be at the keypad holding down the '*' and '#' keys at the same time for a few seconds. After these few seconds have passed it should pop you into programming and you'll see either '20' or Installer 20' depending on what style of keypad you're using.