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What are the four buttons for on the 5834-4?


On the 5834-4 keyfob the four buttons have four functions. These for functions can help you take care of arming/disarming without having to type codes into a keypad.

The first button will arm the system in away mode. This mode is for when you and everyone else are leaving the building for the day. This will arm everything on the system.

The second button on the fob is the 'Stay arming' mode. This mode is if you're in the house and will arm everything except motion detectors.

The third button is a disarming key. If the system is armed in any mode; pressing this button will disarm it.

The fourth and last button on this fob will set off a personal panic alarm. You can set this in programming when installing to be a silent panic or an audible panic where the siren would sound.