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What are the differences between the Honeywell 5881ENM and the Honeywell 5881ENH?


The differences in these two receivers has to do mainly with how many wireless zones each can provide. Wireless zones on a Honeywell Vista system are one device per zone.

The 5881ENM is the mid-range wireless receiver and can provide up to 16 wireless zones. This means, with the use of the 5881ENM, that you will be able to add 16 Honeywell wireless devices to your Vista system.

The 5881ENH wireless receiver is the higher-range model and can accommodate as many wireless zones as your Vista system can handle. For instance, if you have a Vista 20P you will be able to add 40 wireless zones because the system can do a total of 48. The first 8 hardwired zones are subtracted from the total 48 leaving 40.