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Helix RE934Z, RE934T, RE934ZT ZWave and Translator Modules Unboxing Review

An unboxing review of the Helix RE934Z, RE934T, RE934ZT Translator and ZWave modules


Hi, my name is Jason with Today, I'm gonna be doing an unboxing of the Helix Universal Wireless Translator with ZWave card. This is a module that goes in the third slot of the Helix and it comes in a couple different ways. So, the one we'll be doing specifically is the combination of the translator and ZWave but you can get them separate as well, just the translator by itself or just the ZWave module by itself. Before we get started on the unboxing, make sure you subscribe to the channel if you haven't already, it really helps us out when you do that. Let's go ahead and go to the table. We'll get started.

All right, so, today we're gonna do the unboxing of the wireless card. So, this is the translator and ZWave model which you can see right here, wireless card translator and ZWave Helix. It's the RE934ZT. Now, this is the combo card, so there's the third slot on your Helix panel is going to be for your translator, or ZWave, or the combo. So, if you wanna do just ZWave, save a little bit money, you don't need the translator or vice versa, you don't need the ZWave you just need the translator, you can get them separate. So, the model numbers for those pretty much...pretty apparent here. So, it's RE934Z for the ZWave, RE934T for the translator. And then if you have the combo, it's the RE934ZT, so. The box itself, it's kinda just a generic Resolution product's box here. Let's go ahead and open it up.

So, inside we got some bubble wrap. So, this contains RF module label which must be a fix to the exterior of the panel. So, that's kind of a just a regulation kind of thing. And then we have the instructions. So, the instructions, just a single sheet, front and back. Shows how to install everything. It talks about all the steps to install it. So, it goes in expansion slot three. It shows what it looks like when it's installed. Talks about enrollment for the various devices as well. So, GE devices, DSE devices, Honeywell devices, and Napco devices. So, basically, what the translator is going to do is it will allow you to use any of these manufacturer's wireless devices and it will translate it so that it's usable by the Helix panel. It's pretty nice. So, you can use Honeywell, 2gig, GE, Napco, and DSE are the five manufacturers that you can use. Back, it shows the 2gig. And so, you know, if you already have an existing wireless system, you're just looking to upgrade it to something like this or you can do, you know, ZWave and remote monitoring, self-monitoring, all that kind of stuff makes it a lot more affordable if you can reuse your wireless sensors because in a fully wireless system, your biggest expense really is going to be your wireless sensors. You know, you figure $30 for a door and window contact, you got 10 of those, that's $300 right there. You have 5 motion detectors, that's another $300. So you can usually get, you know, thousands of dollars in just sensors. So, if you can reuse those, definitely saves you some money. And then it talks about ZWave, and it's real brief on that. It doesn't give you a whole lot of info. Each ZWave device is kind of its own beast as far as unrolling it, so not much info is needed.

All right, so let's go ahead and open this up and look at the card inside here. All right, so here it is. This is the ZWave and translator. So, the translators will have these antennas. They're just some copper antennas, help pick up the wireless signal lot better. And, of course, on the back here we have the connectors. So, this is gonna be how it connects to the Helix. Three pins here you line up on the board with the connectors, snap those into place. They just lock in. Firm pressure, it's installed. And then, of course, the Helix will pick up that it's installed and you can start configuring it. Really pretty a nice way to do it. You know, traditionally you've had complete separate modules for your various communicators. So, this is kind of a self-contained modular system which is pretty nice, you know? Everything is gonna be contained within your main Helix panel which you can put wherever you want. So, it's one of my favorite new panels that we've had, so. There you have the...this is, of course, the ZWave and translator board, the RE934ZT, which, again, you can get in the RE934Z for just ZWave or the RE934T for just the translator.

I hope you got a lot of good information from this video and found it interesting. If you liked the video, make sure you do hit the like button for us. Thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next video.