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What is the DSC WT4911 depassivation process and how do I do it?


For safety and storage reasons the batteries for the DSC WT4911B come in a state that keeps them from discharging. The process of depassivation puts the battery back in a usable state. To do this use the following steps:

  1. While plugging in the battery, hold the tamper switch closed.
  2. Once the battery is plugged in, continue holding down the tamper switch for 10 seconds.
  3. Release the tamper switch and within about 10 seconds the strobe should start flashing to indicate that it is in depassivation mode.
  4. Depassivation can take up to 30 minutes and potentially longer. After 30 minutes if it was successful, the siren will beep 3 times every 5 seconds. Press and release the tamper and the siren will beep and flash and then be in normal mode and ready for enrollment.
  5. If after 30 minutes the siren beeps only 1 time every 5 seconds, you will want to restart the depassivation by removing the battery and starting over from step 1.
  6. If you have tried a few times and the battery is still not successfully depassivating, the battery may need to be replaced.