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How many zones does the DSC TR5164-433 support?


The TR5164-433 supports up to 60 wireless zones. However, both the PC1616 and PC1832 can only utilize up to 28 of the 60 wireless zones available. So the only system that can take full advantage of the TR5164 is the PC1864.

As you may have noticed, in all 3 cases the number of zones is 4 less than the maximum that is possible for the panel. The reason for this is that the receiver keeps 4 slots open for wireless keypads on 29-32. This is actually one of the big advantages and reasons for getting a TR5164 as it is a transceiver that gives access to two-way devices like the WT5500 keypads.  

In addition to up to 28 zones on 1616 and 1832 panels, up to 60 zones on 1864 panels, and up to 4 wireless keypads, the TR5164 will also allow for up to 16 wireless key fobs. These can be the standard two button or four button models. But since it is a transceiver it can also connect with the WT4989 two-way key fob. The benefit of this is that you can see the status of the system right on the key fob to easily check that your arming or disarming command went through or not.

Unlike the all-in-one wireless system such as the Impassa, the PowerSeries cannot use wireless sirens even with the TR5164.