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How do I add a new wireless device to the DSC Touch?


The GUI of the DSC Touch makes it very straightforward to program. Follow these simple steps and you should have no problems getting new devices added:

  1. Touch Settings and enter the installer code.
  2. Tap on the installation icon.
  3. From the Installation menu, touch Security Sensors.
  4. Then touch the Auto-learn Icon.
  5. Trip or tamper the device that you are adding to the system. The panel will chime and display the serial number of the device. Confirm that the number is correct and then touch OK.
  6. Next, you will select the sensor type, assign a name, choose a chime sound, select the sensor group, and turn voice prompts on or off. For a full list and definitions of sensor types and groups, see the manual starting on page 31. The name can be custom typed or chosen from a preset list. Voice annunciation is available for both options.
  7. Press ‘Save’ when finished. You will be back on the beginning screen for auto-learning sensors. You can either continue on to the next device or touch the Back key when finished.