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How many zones are available on the DSC NEO HS2016, HS2032, HS2064, and HS2128?


The DSC NEO series has quite a few models to choose from. The models are the HS2016, HS2032, HS2064 and the HS2128.

We will mention partitions and partitioning in the description below. So that we don’t have to repeat the explanation of what those are; we’ll explain here. A lot of hardwire systems have the ability to be partitioned. Partitioning is where you can set up an alarm system for separate buildings or areas so that they can be armed and disarmed independently of each other.

The DSC NEO HS2016 is the smallest capacity panel in the DSC NEO line. This panel can handle a combination of up to 16 hardwired and wireless devices. So, it can handle 16 zones. Hardwired devices can be grouped together on zones, but the wireless devices will be 1 device per zone. To use wireless devices you’ll add either a keypad with a transceiver like the HS2LCDRF9ENG or a HOST9 transceiver. These panels are great for smaller installations.

The DSC NEO HS2032 is the next biggest capacity panel in the NEO family. This panel can handle up to 32 zones and is good for a medium to large home. It starts out with 8 hardwired zones on the main board and you can add the HSM2108 hardwired zone expander to add more hardwired. Just as with the HS2016; you can use a combination of hardwired and wireless devices. To use wireless devices you’ll add the HOST9 transceiver or a keypad with a transceiver just like on the HS2016. This panel is also capable of 4 partitions which is like getting 4 alarm systems in one.

The next biggest panel after the HS2032 in the DSC NEO family is the HS2064. The NEO HS2064 is capable of having up to 64 zones hardwired or wireless. To get 64 hardwired zones you’ll add the HSM2108 hardwired zone expanders. To use wireless, just as the other two models, you’ll use either a keypad like the HS2LCDRF9ENG with a built-in transceiver or the HOST9 transceiver module. These are great panels for large homes or a small business.

And finally, in the DSC NEO lineup, there’s the DSC NEO HS2128. This is a large capacity system and is meant for use in a small or larger business. The HS2128 can accommodate 128 zones. The main board starts with 8 hardwired zones and you can add up to 15 HSM2108 hardwired zone expanders to reach the full capacity. Or you can do a mix of hardwired and wireless devices. To use wireless devices you’ll add a keypad with a transceiver like the HS2LCDRF9ENG or you’ll add the HOST9 transceiver module.