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Does the DSC RF5132-433 or DSC TR5164-433 mount in the cabinet?


One of the most common questions we get about the RF5132-433 or TR5164-433 is: “Does it just mount in the cabinet?”

The simple answer is no.

Remember that those modules are receiving and/or sending radio frequency waves from and/or to various wireless devices. This means that you do not want to put it in the metal cabinet or near any sources of radio interference. There are a lot of things that can cause interference and so it is important to mount the wireless module away from those trouble areas. You will want to avoid things like electrical boxes, wireless routers, cellular communicators, or large appliances.

Now that you know where the worst spots are, you might want to consider where the best spots are. The ideal location will generally be somewhere high up on the wall and centrally located to the wireless devices. Thanks to the range of DSC’s wireless devices, in most houses the placement of the wireless receiver in an ideal location is not critical. In the average house, the wireless devices will be able to send their signal from pretty much anywhere in the house to anywhere in the house. If you cannot run wire to the best spot for your wireless receiver it is probably not going to be a problem. But it is still wise to place the wireless module in as close to an ideal position as possible to avoid any issues that you can.