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How many zones does the DSC RF5132-433 support?


The RF5132-433, whether built into a keypad or as a separate module, can handle a total of 32 wireless zones. And it can only do 1 through 32 as wireless. For the PowerSeries 1616 and 1832, this is not really an issue because both of those panels can have up to 32 zones. (Only the later versions of the 1616 have the 32 zone capacity. Zones 1 through 16 can be hardwired or wireless. Zones 17 through 32 must be wireless. Earlier 1616 panels only had zones 1 through 16 which could do wireless or hardwired.) However on the PC1864, if you have an RF5132, zones 1 through 32 can be hardwired or wireless while zones 33 to 64 must be hardwired.

For example if you have a 1864 with zones 1 to 24 hardwired. You also have an RF5132 attached to the system as the wireless receiver. With that setup you could only have 8 wireless zones: zones 25 through 32. In this case if you needed more than 8 wireless zones, you would either need a higher capacity wireless receiver or to start your wireless zones earlier and move hardwired zones back past zone 32.

We generally recommend setting up your alarm system with all your hardwired zones (if any) first. Then leave open any additional hardwired zone terminals. After those zones start your wireless zones. This will not work in every case, as illustrated by the above example, but it is a good starting strategy for your planning process and will work in the majority of alarm installations we have seen.

The RF5132-433 gives you access to more than just sensors used for zones on the alarm system. It will also give you 16 wireless key slots for devices such as the WS4939. These key fobs can be given to whoever you want as a quick and easy way to arm and disarm the alarm system.

Keep in mind that the RF5132-433 is not compatible with any two-way wireless devices. This primarily means that you will not be able to any wireless keypads (WT5500). For that you would need a TR5164-433. And the PowerSeries 1616, 1832, and 1864 do not support the use of DSC wireless sirens. You can use a universal wireless siren like the RE116U.