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What does service required mean on the DSC 1616, 1832, or 1864 system keypad?


When you are checking your trouble conditions and you see Service Required or the number 1 lit up, this can mean numerous things. Usually it doesn’t mean anything too serious and can be easily resolved. To determine what is actually wrong you will want to push * when the keypad says service required or push 1 if you’re on a fixed message keypad like the PK5501.


There are 8 different reasons why you have the service required trouble condition:

  1. Low Battery - This is the main control panel’s backup battery. They usually last about 5 years so this will be the most common reason for the service required trouble condition.
  2. Bell Circuit - This will appear when the control panel doesn’t see a siren on the bell circuit. If you’re not using a siren, put the 1K ohm resistor across the bell terminals.
  3. General System Trouble - This is usually from having a PC5204 and not having anything on O1. You’ll want to put a 1K resistor across O1 and AUX.
  4. General System Tamper - This is caused by an open tamper circuit on a module.
  5. Module Supervision - This will happen if a module or keypad is removed from the alarm system.
  6. RF Jam Detected - The wireless receiver is detecting a large amount of radio frequency noise.
  7. PC5204 Low Battery
  8. PC5204 AC Failure