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How do I program a wireless zone on the DSC 1616, 1832, and 1864 systems?


To start this process enter * 8 + Installer code

There are 2 options to enroll wireless devices. The best and easiest way is auto-enroll with section 898. This is not available with all configurations however. The easiest way to tell if it is available is to try going to 898. If you get a long beep and the screen still says enter section, you will have to use section 804.

A: Wireless Enrollment Mode [898]

  1. Enter section 898. The screen should display Wireless Enrollment Mode. If it does not, skip to part B.
  2. You will now trip the first wireless device that you want to add. You can do this by opening and closing the contact or tampering the device. This will cause the ESN of the device to broadcast to the receiver. The screen should display the 6 digit ESN followed by Confirm ESN.
  3. Check that the ESN on the device and the keypad match and then press *.
  4. You will now need to enter a zone number.
  5. Then the system will ask for a zone type. Since you have already input the zone type that you want to use in Step 2, you can just press *. Or if you need to change it, enter the 2 digit zone definition code.
  6. After that the screen will display Wireless Enrollment Mode again. Repeat these steps for the rest of the wireless security devices.
  7. Push # when finished.

B: Manual Wireless ESN Entry [804 and 101-164]

  1. Enter section 804.
  2. The system will then want the zone number that you want the wireless device to go on.
  3. The screen should display 6 zeroes unless there is an ESN programmed for that zone, in which case it will display that ESN. You will need the ESN from the device you are programming. It will display as a 6 digit combination of letters and numbers. Pressing * on this screen toggles between letters and numbers. Example ESN: 4AD64C. You would enter the following series of buttons: 4*14*64*3
  4. After entering 6 digits, the keypad will beep 3 times and then you would enter a new zone number and repeat for all wireless devices.
  5. Push # when all ESNs are entered.
  6. Then for each wireless zone you will need to tell the alarm system to look for a wireless zone instead of hardwired. To do this you will go to the section that is 100 + zone number. For example if you had a wireless device on zone 9 you would go to section 109. 100+9=109.
  7. Once you go to that section you will see various toggle options on or off. The option that you should be concerned with is option 8. Make sure that option 8 is on.
  8. Press # to go back.
  9. Repeat for all wireless zones.

When you are finished press ### to exit programming