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How do I program a hardwired zone on the DSC 1616, 1832, and 1864 systems?


There’s 2 main steps for programming a hardwired zone: inputting the zone definition and turning the zone on in the zone mask. We will only reference programming for a single partition system, but a multi-partition system will be very similar.

Zone Definition:

  1. Enter programming. *8-installer code
  2. Enter the appropriate section for the zone(s) you’re programming. 001 is for zones 1-16. 002 for zones 17-32. 003 for zones 33-48. And 004 is for zones 49-64.
  3. Once in that programming section each zone, in order, will have a 2-digit zone definition. On an LCD full message keypad, you can use the scroll arrow to scroll to the zone(s) that you are programming. You will have to count the number of the zone as it will not be displayed. On a fixed message LCD keypad, you will have to reenter all the data for that section until you get to the zone(s) that you are programming.
  4. Once you reach the correct zone you will enter the 2-digit zone definition for that zone. Refer to the programming manual for a full list of zone definitions.
  5. Once you are finished in that section press # to go back to enter a new programming section. If you reach the last zone in that section, you will automatically exit back out.

Zone Mask:

  1. Enter the appropriate section for the zone(s) that you are programming. 202 is for zones 1-8. 203 is for zones 9-16. 204 is for zones 17-24. Etc.
  2. You will now use numbers 1-8 to turn on/off the corresponding zone(s). If the number is on the screen it is on and vice versa. So if you are wanting to turn on zone 15 you would enter section 203. In that section, 7 corresponds to zone 15. So if there is no 7 on the screen you would push 7 to turn it on. Press # to exit.
  3. Repeat steps 7-8 as needed.
  4. Press # to exit out of programming.