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How do I fix a module supervision trouble condition on a DSC 1616, 1832, or 1864?


The first thing to check if you have this trouble condition is that all keypads and modules are still connected and that the wires are intact. If you find any issues there, reconnecting them should clear the trouble condition.


If you have purposefully removed something from the alarm system for whatever reason and now have the trouble condition you will need to reset the control panel’s supervision. To do this you will enter programming with *8 followed by the installer code. Next you will enter section number 902 and then wait 1 minute. It will look like nothing is happening, but the alarm is picking back up which devices are attached to it. After the minute is up you can confirm that it is supervising everything that it needs to, as long as you have a full message keypad, by entering section 903. You can then scroll through to see all attached modules. Once you’re finished hit the # key until you are out of programming. The trouble condition should be cleared.