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DSC Power Series 1616, 1832, 1864, Impassa, and Alexor Wireless Device Enrollment

DSC Power Series 1616, 1832, 1864, Impassa, and Alexor Wireless Device Enrollment

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Want to know how to add a wireless device to your DSC alarm system? It's easier than you think! Check out our video below for detailed instructions.

Video Transcript:

Hi, Ryan here with I'm going to talk to you today and explain the easiest way to enroll your wireless devices on your DSC alarm system, whether you've got the wireless Impassa or DSC Touch systems, or a hardwired 16161832 or 1864 systems. I'm going to show you the wireless enroll mode and also the way to quickly, manually enroll the wireless devices. So let's take a walk over to my tech table and we'll get started. 

Hey, it's Ryan here with I'm going to show you how to enroll your wireless devices into your DSC Alarm System. Whether you have the 1616, the 1832 series, the 1864, or even if you have the DSC Alexor or Impassa enrolling your wireless devices is done the same, all across the board, one of two ways, either through the wireless enrollment mode, or manually entering in the ESN numbers into the wireless section. Anytime you're dealing with motion detectors, it's best that you put the batteries in maybe 5 to 10 minutes before you go to enroll it. Usually, I put them in about a minute before I go to enroll it which is fine. It does take a 1-minute warm-up phase, but it does go into test mode for only about 10 minutes which, while it's in test mode, makes it a lot easier to enroll your motion detectors. I'm going to point that away from us so we don't trip it while we are enrolling our wireless devices.

I'm going to zoom into the keypad now, because this is really simple, really easy. And the first way I'm going to show you is the wireless enrollment mode. This is the easiest way to enroll your wireless devices if you've got a keypad, an RFK 5500 keypad, it makes it a lot easier to do this. I'm using the WT5500 keypad which is for the Alexor. It's a wireless keypad, so I'm going to have to actually wake this up just by pressing pound. To begin with, I am going to enroll the wireless devices. We must enter into programming, so i'm going to "* 8," and "Enter Your Installers Code." And then it's going to ask you "Enter Section." The wireless enrollment mode is 8-9-8, and now "Wireless Enrollment Mode." At this time you will trip each device, one by one. And if you can see here, you've got serial number which is "2*5*2-9-4-2," and you've got an ESN number. If you trip it, it's going to sit there and give you the ESN number, "2-E-2-9-4-2" which is correct, which is the number on the top. If you were to manually enter this you would be using the bottom number. 

So here, I'm going to put the device back down, we tripped it, it wants to confirm ESN. By hitting "*" we confirmed it. The zone number, assign it whatever zone that you are going to be having that device on. In this case we'll just go ahead and make it zone one, so we'll hit "*" for zone one, and then "Zone Type." This device, I'm going to put on a front door, which is my entry/exit door for when I come in and I leave. So it's going to be Zone Type: 01. I'm going to go ahead and hit "*" to accept it, and now it's ready for the next device. I will pick it up, I will trip it. It wants me to confirm ESN. Unfortunately, I am using our demo sensors off the wall. That one does not have a sticker on it, so I'm just going to go ahead and hit "*" to confirm. It's going to be Zone 2 and I'm going to have it set for a perimeter, so I'm going to change the Zone Type to 03. And now it's ready for the next device. 

Here we've got a recessed contact, trip it. It sends the ESN number automatically to the panel. I'll confirm ESN by hitting "*". Zone Type, this is going to be also another door, but it's not an entry door, it's a perimeter door so I'm going to go ahead and hit "*" to confirm. Actually that was Zone Type 3, this here is where I'll put perimeter in, 03, and that's that. 

Now the motion detector. What you do, since you've already got your batteries in, you'll take the motion detector, pick it up, point it towards you. You see the red light comes on, it activates it, and it's going to send the ESN number to the main panel. You'll then go ahead and hit "*" to confirm the ESN. This is Zone 4 and my motion detector is going to be an interior follower which is a Zone Type 05. I will go ahead and hit "*" to confirm that. That's all it is, it's that easy. When you're in wireless enrollment mode, all you have to do is trip each sensor and confirm it. 

Same with the key fobs. Here, we have a key fob. I'm just going to press and hold's the arm stay button in this case, and it sends the ESN number over. I'll hit "*" to confirm. Then it's a key number 01, which is correct, and hit "*" to accept it. That simple. If you've got one of the regular older key fobs, or just the standard key fob it does the same thing. You press and hold the top left button, it sends the ESN number over, hit "*". This is the second key fob we're enrolling, go ahead and hit "*" to accept. 

Now, if you don't want to do things with the wireless enrollment mode or you do not have wireless enrollment mode, I'll exit all the way out so you can go and see how to get into it from the get go. You're entering the programming, "*8-5-5-5-5," and then you'll enter the wireless section which is "8-0-4." All right, and it triple beeped and now it says "Enter Section" and this is where you're going to enter the zone number that you want to go into. So, in this case, we'll go enter Zone 1, and you'll see that there is an ESN number there, all right? This is the same ESN number that we enrolled Zone 1 on earlier -- "2-E-2-9-4-2."

For example, let's say you're just coming into this and you haven't programmed anything, we're going to enter "0-0-1." First you enter wireless section "8-0-4," then enter section "0-0-1" for Zone 1. And this is what it'll normally look like, all zeroes. All right, if it's six digits, just go ahead and begin with the ESN number, if it's eight digits like on the Alexor or Impassa, then you will go ahead and enter "0-0" and then the ESN number which you can use the bottom number that has the stars. So we are going to enter "2*5*2-9-4-2." It will triple beep and let you know you got it. That's it. You're now ready to enter Zone 2, which will be done that through the wireless enrollment mode, it's in there...Zone 3. 

So when you're in the wireless section which is "8-0-4," you will then be prompted to enter another section which is also three digits. Do not get this mixed up, try not to go into zone definitions in this section. If you ever get lost, just always pound out, and exit all the way out so that way you're not changing any sections that shouldn't be changed. We'll turn chime on here, door chime on. This is a way to test and make sure it accepted it. You open and close it, you know picked it up, it accepted it. So you go through all your doors like that, you know that everything got programmed in correctly and the system's picking up the ESN numbers. Key fobs, you can arm it. You can disarm it, so you know it's working. 

That's it, that simple. If you're using a 1616 or you're using an 1832 or 1864 system that is version 4.5 or older, you must do it manually. It does not have a wireless enrollment mode. Version 4.6 came out early 2013, has the wireless enrollment mode built into the systems which makes it a lot easier. I'm actually glad that they'd done it, but unfortunately sometimes you've got to go in, and you've got to be able to do it the manual way. So if you have any questions, feel free to give our tech department a call at (888) 811-0727. Once again this is Ryan with, thanks for watching! 

And there you have it, that is how you quickly and easily enroll your wireless devices into your DSC system. You've seen the wireless enrollment mode which is fairly simple. You just trip each device and confirm the ESN number, zone and zone type. And if you're manually entering, you manually go into program section "8-0-4," and then you enter a section and that three digits is the zone number of the section you want to go to, to program the ESN number. That simple. If you have any questions give us a call, (888) 811-0727 and hit the option on our menu for tech support. I'm Ryan, with