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How do I wire a DSC PC5601?


Installation and setup of the PC5601 is relatively simple. The first step is to run a 22 gauge, 4 conductor wire from the keybus to the mounting location of the PC5601. The keybus is the parallel circuit where every keypad and module connect through to the main PowerSeries panel. You can wire directly back to the main board. Or in many cases it might be easier to wire back to another device like a nearby keypad. Both options work as long as you stay under 1000 feet of wire between the panel and the device. And the total length of wire used for all devices on the keybus will need to stay at 3000 feet or less. Usually this is not an issue since most alarm system installations will never get close to that.

The keybus terminals are named after standard alarm wire colors: red, black, yellow, and green. And it is no coincidence that the PC5601 comes with a pigtail wire that uses those exact colors. The red and black wires are the positive and negative 12 volt DC wires. The yellow and green wires are the data in and out wires. The pigtail can be spliced to the 22-4 wire that you have going to the mounting location of the PC5601 module. 

The PC5601 can be mounted in a couple of ways. It is sized to fit to a single gang box which is very convenient. But you don't need to use a gang box. The module can be mounted directly onto a wall.