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How much power does the DSC PC5204 add?


The total power that the PC5204 power supply module can add is up to 1A of current. However it is best to leave a 10% cushion so that you don’t have a system malfunction at a critical time due to excessive power draw. If you use this guideline you will be able to connect devices that, in total, draw up to 900 mA of current.

Devices that require constant power: motion detectors, keypads, zone expanders, et cetera; will need to be wired from the Aux + terminal to the BLK terminal. 

Wiring to one of the programmable outputs not much different. The positive wire will still go to Aux +. But for the negative wire, you will wire to one of the output terminals. The programmable outputs can be used for many things. Output 1 is often used as a supervised bell output. Output 1 is limited to 700mA in this application for short term use. If it is not in use at all, it will need a resistor from O1 to Aux + to avoid having a trouble condition.