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How do I wire the DSC PC5204?


The PC5204 power supply and high current output module will need to be connected to the keybus of the alarm system with the RED, BLK, YEL, and GRN terminals. Those terminals correspond to the standard alarm wire colors: red, black, yellow, and green. Often you will see white instead of yellow in the wire though. The main PowerSeries control panel will have the same terminals. You will wire red to red, black to black, yellow to yellow, and green to green.

The TAM terminal on the PC5204 is for a tamper switch, if used. The TAM terminal would connect to one side of the the tamper switch. And then the other side of the tamper switch would wire back to the BLK terminal. You are not required to have a tamper switch in use, but you do need to close that circuit. If no tamper switch is used, run a regular wire from the TAM terminal to the BLK terminal to avoid the system tamper condition.

To wire to a programmable output you will use one of the outputs, O1-O4, for the negative DC connection. And then for the positive side of the DC circuit you will wire to the AUX + terminal. The way the PGM output will actually function is based on how you program it, but the PGM output terminals, O1-O4, will act as the on/off switch for the circuit. Another very important thing to note is that output 1 (O1 terminal) is setup to be used as a supervised bell output. While you do not need to use it for this you will need to keep in mind that if nothing is attached to output 1 you will get a trouble condition. Luckily it is very simple to fix. You will just need to use a resistor to wire from the Aux + terminal to the O1 terminal.

To provide power to a device such as a motion detector or glass break detector that requires power to be always be on: connect the positive wire to the AUX + terminal and the negative wire to the BLK terminal.

If you’re powering modules or keypads off the PC5204, 3 of the 4 keybus wires will connect to the keybus as normal: black, yellow, and green. The red wire of the module or keypad will need to connect to the AUX + terminal of the PC5204 instead of the RED terminal.

Finally, wire the battery connections to the backup battery using the included pigtail. And the AC power transformer (PTC1640) will wire to the two AC terminals using a 18 gauge, 2 conductor wire. Remember that the AC terminals do not have a positive and negative side so it does not matter which AC terminal on the transformer wires to which AC terminal on the PC5204 as long as one goes to one and the other goes to the other.