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How do I address the DSC PC5108 so that the control panel knows what zones are on it?


The first step is to determine which set of 8 zones the expander module will cover: 9-16, 17-24, 25-32, 33-40, 41-48, 49-56, or 57-64. From there you will use a combination of 0, 1, or 2 jumpers across 3 sets of jumper pins (J1, J2, and J3) on the board to tell the system what 8 zones are encompassed by the module. You can use the table below to determine which jumpers to use.

We recommend doing all of your hardwired zones first before doing any wireless zones. So if you have 22 hardwired zones planned and 5 wireless zones planned on your PowerSeries 1832, you would need 2 hardwired expansion boards. The main panel has 8 and then each expansion board has 8 for a total of 24 hardwired zones. This would cover the 22 hardwired zones with room for 2 more if you want to add them in the future. You would address one board with J1 off, J2 on, and J3 on to have zones 9 through 16. The other board would have jumpers 1 and 3 on with 2 off to cover zones 17-24. You would then start your wireless zones at 25 and go to 29. This would leave you with 3 zones that can be added for wireless sensors to go with the 2 hardwired zones.

Zones J1 J2 J3
9-16 Off On On
17-24 On Off On
25-32 Off Off On
33-40 On On Off
41-48 Off On Off
49-56 On Off Off
57-64 Off Off Off