BBB Business Review

Central Station Overview

A Central Station is a call center whos primary purpose is responding to alarm signals sent to them via alarm systems. The alarm signals indicate the type of alarm that was triggered and related events around the time of the alarm. Once they receive an alarm signal, they follow a standard set of procedures on how to properly respond to said alarm. 

In most cases the Central Station will call specified contacts to discern whether the alarm is legitimate or if it is a potential false alarm. However for some alarm types such as fire or panics signals they will immediately dispatch authorities to the address of the system. Below is a full list of the standard procedures the Central Station follows. 

Burglary: Verification #1, Verification #2, dispatch PD, then notify a contact on the call list.
Fire / Carbon Monoxide / Heat:
 Dispatch FD, then notify a contact at verification numbers or the call list in that order.
Panic / Holdup:
 Dispatch PD then notify contact on the call list.
Environmental alarms such as water, temperature or humidity:
 notify a contact on the call list.
System Troubles:
 Notify a contact on the call list.