BBB Business Review

Cancel/Verify Alarm

When using service, you are able to set up notifications that will alert you to alarms on your panel. This includes receiving a cancel/verify prompt which allows you to immediately respond to an alarm. If the alarm happens to be a false alarm, you will have the opportunity to cancel the alarm straight from the app. On the other hand, if you are unsure or know that the alarm is legitimate, you can verify the alarm expediting the dispatching response time. 

The main purpose of the cancel/verify alarm feature is to allow you a quicker personal response to your alarms. All modern alarm systems have a 30 second delay before signals are sent to a monitoring station, so if you happen to cancel or verify the alarm during that 30 seconds, the Central Station can immediately follow dispatch procedures. Otherwise if the cancel/verify trigger is missed, you will still receive a verification call from the Central Station to see if they need to dispatch or not.