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Bell Circuit Trouble - DSC NEO Trouble Condition Fixes



So this first trouble condition is called the bell circuit trouble. And basically all this means is that the system supervises any sirens hooked up. So off the bat, it is looking for a siren. And if you don't have one hooked up, then it's going to throw this fault. And you can use either a siren to silence it, or you can also use a resistor, which is what I'm going to do, and that is going to take away that trouble condition so that you can proceed with programming.

And the first one is the bell circuit. We can check this on the touch screen, also hit troubles. And then there's service required, communications, battery trouble, same thing we saw there, that service required the bell circuit. So for the bell circuit, what that means is it's not reading a siren hooked up to the system. So let's jump over to the panel, and I'm going to use a resistor in place of the siren, because we don't want a siren going off in the shop. And here's our 1000 ohm resistor, and we're just going to insert it into the bell positive and bell negative terminals. All right, So we got that resistor hooked up. So let's hit *2 and we'll go back to service required. The only thing that's left is loss of clockwork. (carried on by our Loss Of Clock Trouble Video)