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ADC-V724 1080p Wi-Fi Camera Pt. 1: Unboxing and Enrollment

Hey, guys. Hayden here from Alarm System store. And today we're going to be unboxing and installing this V724 camera from So this is probably one of the best cameras you can get from right now. It's an upgraded version of the older V723. So basically it is a 1080p, outdoor Wi-Fi camera. This thing comes with two way audio, so it has both a mic and a speaker in it so that, very similar to, like a doorbell camera. Has a speaker so that you can speak through it and a microphone so that, you know, whoever's on the other side of the camera can speak to you as well. And that can be done remotely using the app. It's also, kind of high dynamic range video. So great video quality. It also uses alarm dot coms video analytics as long as you have the video analytics plan and this is also, one of the cameras that supports onboard recording. And we'll get into that a little bit more later on. But basically you plug an SD card into this thing and it records encrypted, video saved specifically to that SD card and this camera 24 seven. So in addition to clips, if you use the premium video package, you can use that onboard recording feature to have 24/7 coverage. anyway, let's go ahead and start getting this thing open now.

So start tearing into it. And that happens to me every single time. Alrighty. So. As we start to get our opening now, we will see what we got here. So we got manuals. We got a little mounting diagram that's pretty handy. Stick that up on the wall where you're going to mount it so you can drill your screw holes, piece of cardboard for packaging and the camera itself. So as you can see, there's really not much to it. And it's pretty straightforward setup basically you got your mounting base. This swivels and you can turn it and twist the camera as needed to get it in that perfect position. And then you tighten this down to lock it in place so that it doesn't move around. Right here there's four little screws you can take out, and I'll go ahead and do that real quick. Alrighty. So it's got a little stretchy piece there so you don't lose the cover. But basically this is where your SD card and your, you as well as reset button are located. So as you can see, there's got a little micro SD card slot. And here's your button. the button can also be pressed from the outside with that little rubber button there. It's got the speaker in here as well as the, microphone. So anyway, now that we got that covered, let's open this little box here, see what all we get with it should just be the power adapter. And the mounting screws. So you get a little small plug in adapter that connects to this cord from the camera like so. And then you got some mounting screws.

So this thing takes three screws. we actually have one mounted outside. I'll take a picture of it so that you guys can see it. But basically when you go to install it, you'll have to pull this part. If you're going to mount it on the outside of a wall, you'll drill a hole for the cord. You'll also drill holes for the screws. basically you'll feed this cord inside. And then on the inside you will plug this in and then just connect them together. Then from there we'll connect the Wi-Fi and we can enroll it into an account. So all right. And I'm not going to show the installation of this. Like I said I'll probably take a picture of the one we got outside. But I'm not going to go through a mountain. This thing it's pretty straightforward. basically you got three holes for screws that are going to mount to the wall itself, and then you got this cord that you're going to feed through the wall into the interior. I do recommend using at least a half inch drill bit for the hole here. This rubber helps keep it, you know, water tight. You can also, you know, put silicone around there, whatever you want to do. It basically just waterproof everything. it does have a slot if you don't want to feed it through a wall. You might have to kind of adjust this rubber spacer. But if you place it this direction there's actually a cut out right there. You can just run the cord straight down. So you don't actually have to drill a hole for the cord. You'll just have to drill the mounting holes. the mounting screw holes. And that would be it.

And so now this base does come off. If you unscrew this all the way, I'll say, I'll be honest. It's a little bit of a pain to get it back in because there's a little spacer inside there that fits down in this white part. And if you don't get that just perfect, then it doesn't want to spiral on all the way. But basically once you get it mounted and then like I was saying, you can swivel it, you can turn it twisted whenever you want. And then once you got it, you know, in a good position where you think it's seeing everything you want, just tighten this, not down and it's not going anywhere. But yeah. So, what I'm going to show first. Now I'll go ahead and show the picture of the mounted camera so that you guys can see what it looks like. So first thing we need to do, once we get it hooked up, and plugged in, is we need to get it connected to our Wi-Fi network. so those of you with other Wi-Fi cameras, the process is exactly the same. But for those that don't know how any of this works, that's what we're here for. So I'll go ahead and show the process. I'm going to take a screen recording on my phone. that's the easiest way to do it. But basically what you're going to do is connect to the Wi-Fi network that this camera actually puts out.

So we'll go ahead and hop over to my phone, and you guys can see the process for getting this connected to Wi-Fi. All right. So we're going to go ahead and get this thing enrolled. I'll be honest, sometimes getting these cameras connected to Wi-Fi can be a bit of a pain. It depends on the device you're working with. My phone really doesn't like unsecure Wi-Fi networks, so, I get a lot of kickback from that. So you'll probably run into that as well. But basically, we just need to get to the website, get this thing connected to Wi-Fi, and then once it's on Wi-Fi, it's very simple. From there. So I'm going to run you through the process. If we have troubles, we'll show you how to fix them. but to start, you're going to go up to, basically just pull up your available Wi-Fi networks and you will see one, after the camera's turned on, you'll see one that has the name or the model number of the camera and the last six digits of the Mac address, and that was right here on the camera. but basically, you just need to get connected to that network, like we are here. So once you're connected, it'll say connected without internet, and it'll let you know that it's unsecured. That is normal. So what we're going to do is now open up a browser. And I already have the website pulled up here, but basically you type in up here at the top https://V724install and then go ahead and click enter. And what will happen most likely is it will pop up and let you know that this is an unsecured connection. And that your phone or computer doesn't want you to go to that website.

Basically, just get through to the website, however, you can, typically there's an advanced, options setting, which just lets you continue to the website, you know, agree to the risk, whatever. But it's just the camera's Wi-Fi. there's nothing in here that can hurt your device or the camera computer or whatever the case may be. But basically, once we get to this section, we need to put in the SSID for the Wi-Fi connection you want this to be connected to, as well as the password for it. I mean, there is a scan button here. So there you go. There's a scan button here. You can scan available Wi-Fi networks. What that does is make your camera actually look for an available Wi-Fi network. So it's not searching through your phone. And this is commanding the camera to find these Wi-Fi networks. So once you get a pop up here, choose the one that you want to use. And then you're going to put the password in. So once you get your password put in there, then you're just going to click submit. And the V724 install says connecting to your access Point. Please refer to the installation guide to set up your device. So if you look over here at the camera, you'll see the red LED change to a green flashing LED. That means it is trying to connect to the Wi-Fi network. usually takes about ten 15 seconds, but the green LED will stay solid just like that. And once it is solid, it means it is connected to Wi-Fi. So we're good there. so now we need to get signed into our account. So once you get signed into your account, you get to your home screen. All we need to do is go to the Add Devices tab. so on the phone app you have two options.

You can click Manage Devices there, or you can just click Add Device on the computer. If you're doing this with a PC, you do need to go into the settings first and then go to Manage Devices and add devices in the top right. but basically we're just going to click Add Device. And then since this is a video camera, we're going to click camera. And now that this is connected to the same Wi-Fi network that our device is on, it sees the 724 that we added to the network. So all you're going to do is click install. if you're doing multiple video cameras, or you potentially have multiple connecting to your Wi-Fi network, but you're only adding a certain one, make sure you double check the Mac address. But that's the only one we're working with. So we know that's correct. we're just going to name it whatever we want. So, you know, if you got it on your front door or on your porch or whatever, you can name it that for me, I'm just going to name this Cam one for the time being. So what it does is it starts an installation process. And part of that is basically updating the firmware on the camera, and getting it ready to connect to your account. So I'm going to skip this part in. Once it is finally connected, I'll go ahead and continue the process. All right. So it finished. Took about three minutes ish. Maybe a little bit less, but it installed the firmware updates that it needed to and got it installed onto my account. So I was going to click come up is the next button. So you're going to go ahead and click that. And as you can see it's actually showing me a feed of the camera in real time.

So you can see me moving the camera around. It's a little bit delayed. It takes a second for it to get to, you know, the phone. But anyway, what it's asking you to do is set up your final, installation location for the camera and get it pointed in the correct direction. When I have a moment, I'm going to be setting this up out back up. But it will need to be in its final location to calibrate and set up the video analytics. So if you don't already have it installed, go ahead and get it installed and get it pointed in the right direction. And then we're going to set up the calibration, the video analytics and on board recording. In the next video that we do. This is where I'm going to end this one though. So that's that's your basic cam setup. all cameras from support video analytics, but not all support the onboard recording. So if you guys are interested in video analytics, which allows you to manipulate your motion capture on the camera, as well as the on board 24/7 recording, be sure to check out our next video. Should come out in about a week or so, but that's all for me today. If you guys like and subscribe, you guys know the deal and I will catch you on the next one.