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ADC-3035L Car Connector Features and Operation

Hey, guys. Hayden here again from Alarm System Store. And today we're going to be talking about alarm comms at Car Connector. I think those things are super cool. normally I'd go through and show you what it all comes in the box, but there's almost nothing in here. It is manual. And then the device itself, right now it is plugged into my car so that I can show you guys what it does. So. I will be running you through the installation process. Most of it's just kind of waiting around. It's going to do updates and stuff. But anyway, we'll get to that in a second. but let me get logged in to and I will show you what this thing does. So here we are on our account. so as you can see I have the cars section right there. And this is a device that requires service. So, if you have an active interactive plan through, this can be an add on plan or you can use it standalone. so if you have, if you don't have an plan, you can set this up so that it works standalone. It is more expensive that way. But it is doable. So real quick I'll show you what you do to add it. if we click on Add device here, it's going to bring up all the devices you can add to And there are connectors there. So this is a picture of what is in this box or what was in. Basically is just an Obd2 port connector.

So you plug it in to your Obd2 port on your car and it is going to update and sync to your vehicle's computer. So first thing you need to do is going to have you leave your vehicle off for the time being. basically you click Begin Installation here and then there is a serial number that is either on the box or on the device itself. You're going to put that in here and then you're going to click next. I'll show you. You can also use this little card scanner code scanner here. it's got a little barcode reader. You can scan that. It plugs it in. And then whenever you click next, it is going to take you to, a page that basically tells you to sit with the engine or the ignition off for about ten minutes. The device itself has updates to download, and it does this via cellular. So once it's plugged in, it has power and you're at this stage. It will start those updates. So let it sit there for 9 to 10 minutes-ish. Let it do its updates. And then once it is done, it will have you turn the car on for five minutes. During that five minutes, you can just let it sit and idle or, you can drive around if you want to, but basically what it's doing is it's syncing to your vehicle. and then once it's finished, it'll ask you to name it, and then it will take you to the actual car connector page. So we'll jump over to that so you guys can see what it does, what it looks like.

And this is, my car, Chevy Malibu. You can see the name up there at the top. and this is where it is currently at on a map. So that's its current location. Anytime you open up, the car section and you choose a specific vehicle, it will ping and immediately show you the location of the vehicle, which is super handy. Some GPS is only, they, like, every five minutes, every, you know, 15 minutes, whatever it may be. This one is almost instant all the time. But anyway, it shows you whether the engine was off on the fuel level. I got 5/8 of a tank. Still, shows the battery level as well. So if you got a low battery or, it's draining for some reason. you'll see that noted on here down. It also shows you the last time the engine was turned on or off. So you can see those three things. And another really cool feature about this thing that I found. And I'm super handy for anybody that does their own car work or even just needs to know, what their check engine light is showing down here at the bottom, I actually had to cause this on my vehicle. but it shows it, diagnostic issues. So that Obd2 port.
Normally, you can hook up a, little code reader to it, and it will tell you what those codes are, and then you can go to look them up, whatever you need to do. This device actually pulls them as soon as they happen. So yesterday, right before I left here, I actually unplugged my throttle position sensor momentarily. Don't do that at home, cars really don't like it, but I needed it to show some diagnostic issues, and that was the most accessible plug that I had access to. but anyway, what it does is it will send you a notification for these error codes, but when you pull it up, it tells you what the code is. And then if you click on the Learn More button, it actually Google searches for you what that code means. So. So as you can see here it shows 0122. Code is the general generic Obd2 code defined as throttle position sensor. circuit low input. So, I'm not going to get into car codes today, but basically, there is a low code and a high code. So if it's not readings, proper amount of current through that sweat, through that sensor, it will throw these trouble codes. So I have both the high and the low code, which basically just means it was disconnected, which is what I did. So that was expected. but it did take about 30s for the diagnostic code to come through. But once the code came through, it gave me a notification for both codes. And both of them are still here today. So I can see what they are. codes on a car like this. You do have to clear, so if you haven't cleared, actually had a code from a while ago. Show up when I first plugged this thing in. It's cleared now because it realizes that it's not a it's already been fixed. Basically, it's not a current issue.

So it did clear that code and but, these two codes here, it still shows. Now that's just like your main, screen for each vehicle. and like I said, you you will be able to see exactly where it's at on the map at any given time. But just to show you guys how accurate this thing is and how often it updates, there's trip status. So on my way here this morning, I actually drove past. The office and did a U-turn. And as you can see, it actually logged me going past and coming back in. What I thought was crazy was this thing actually caught my U-turn. well, three point turn and basically tracked it all the way. So I think I can't say this for certain, but I think as long as the car is on, this is sending constant GPS data. Now and that is extremely handy for some situations. so if you, you know, this device period would just be awesome for any sort of business vehicle. If you have trucks that you send out, that you have to maintain and you want to keep track of them, you want to make sure your drivers are doing okay. Let's you see where they go, see what they do. this is insanely handy for it. It's also really great for, like, teenage drivers or just family members that you know you're comfortable keeping an eye on. that way, if anything's going wrong with their vehicle, you can use this device and help them out or point them in the right direction.

Like with those trouble codes, you can say, hey, this is what it is. Simple fix. Or you know, it needs to go to, repair shop or whatever the case may be. But anyway. And that is trip data, and it actually shows the amount of fuel, fuel that I used as well as the max miles per hour I went. And another cool thing. it's not on this trip. Let me go back to the other one. You see that little triangle there? that is actually an alert that you can set up for this device. So if I click on that, it shows high speed. Now, if I go to the settings for my car connector here. It shows vehicle information. So it pulls your number shows that you're making model. And this is where you name it also. But the second section is where you set up those alerts like you just saw. So there is an excessive speed threshold that you can set. And you can set it anywhere from 25 to 95mph. I had mind set to 65 whenever I triggered that high speed alert, and I sent it that way so that I could actually trigger that alert.

There's also sudden acceleration sensitivity, hard breaking sensitivity, and a low fuel level warning. So these are all things you can get notifications on. So again you know if you have a teenage driver or if you have company vehicles some day you need to make sure that your driver they're taking care of properly. These are a very handy to have in those situations. Now I will say, I had these on medium sensitivity and I didn't try incredibly hard to set them off, but I did try to stop a little bit fast and take off a little bit fast in a couple places, and it didn't catch it. So it might be dependent on vehicle. How sensitive these triggers are. So after you get this thing plugged in, you might take a trip. Try these at different sensitivity levels. See you know what is going to work for that vehicle and especially for whoever's driving it. But anyway, those are notification settings you can turn on. And the next feature that this thing provides is a document section. So what you can do here, I don't actually have anything plugged into it, but what it allows you to do is add new documents like your driver's license, your insurance, car warranty, registration. And whenever you do that, you can put, like there's a picture you can add here. there's a name so you can put it, you know, Hayden's driver's license, whatever it may be. you put the expiration date, and there's expiration reminders that you can set up for these documents. So let's say you registrations due. And if you're like me, you forget to pay it every year until you see something about it. But anyway, you can set up a notification reminder, you know, if you want to know two weeks before your registration expires that you need to pay it. It'll send you that reminder. It's not super in-depth. It's not, you know, anything crazy, but it's just a nice little added feature that allows you to keep track of your car's documents.

So the last setting here is stop start technology. Now there are vehicles. I'm sure you've seen them. If you don't already have one. But it is. Stop start. Technology is a new feature where cars actually turn off their engine whenever they stop at a stoplight. I think this is to save gas and reduce wear and tear on the engine. But anyway, I'm sure you've heard it. If you pull up next to somebody and it sounds like their car shuts off and then starts back up thing, you know, hit the gas pedal again. That's exactly what it's doing. This device, since it sends a notification or can be triggered by a notification for, when the engine is turned on and off. Like, you're not going to want that going off every time you stop at a red light. So you can turn this feature on and it tells the car sensor that, that it is a vehicle that has start stop technology. So it will actually just disregard any, short term stops and starts. That's pretty much all there is to this thing.

It's not super in-depth, but it's just your basic GPS along with some extra diagnostic tools, it's a fairly cheap, device to run. So, right now these are going for 163 on our site. Now, the device itself and then, service for it. If you're doing standalone, I believe it's about $11. And then if you have an interactive account already, with us, then you can add it to your plan for I believe it is this, $7. I have to check the website about that, but, about those prices, and you can have this, you can have as many of these as you want. I believe, they're just like the flex sensors. So with flex sensors, each new one, you pay an additional service cost. so if you got, you know, three vehicles you want to cover, it would be three devices, along with three service plans for it. And like I said, this can be used in all sorts of applications. If you just want to keep an eye on your own vehicle. It's super handy for that. if you have a fleet of vehicles that you need to cover and you need to know where they're at, you need to have diagnostic reports for them. You need to make sure that your drivers aren't driving crazy. You know, you can set all this stuff up so that it monitors all that for you in any truck or vehicle that sets off any of those sensors. the hard stop or quick acceleration, whatever it is, you'll get notifications for it. and then if you just need to know, you know, where the vehicle's at. Now, like I said, this thing, as soon as you open this app up and click on, you know, that specific vehicle it is going to give you the exact location at the current time.

So alarm system stores there. my car's in the parking lot, but I think the most important feature about this device is the fact that it is so accurate with its tracking. So like with this example I showed earlier, this is my route to work. That's my normal route. But here, like I said, I drove past work. I did a three point turn, turned around and came back. And if you zoom in on this, you can see all of that happening. So I drove past, backed up, pulled back out and came back to work. And just the fact that it caught all of that so accurately is just amazing to me. But anyway, these things are great. If you guys want one, hop over to check it out. if you have an interactive account with this already. Like I said, you can get a discounted rate for each device that you. And so, if you got any teen drivers, you know, or soon to be teen drivers or even, you know, if you, your spouse or whoever it may be are comfortable, having tracking devices in your vehicles for each other. You guys can use these and you'll get all of this information for, whatever that discounted rate is for the interactive account. Now, standalone plans, we can set you up. That's not a problem at all. Just go ahead and shoot us an email. Let us know that you're looking to do the car connector, service standalone. And we can set you up an account, and we can get you moving on that. And but, as for me, I'm going to cut it off there. you guys like. And subscribe, you guys know the drill. And I will catch you guys on the next one.