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Honeywell Lynx Touch Kits

Honeywell Lynx Touch Kits

The Lynx Touch is a new addition to Honeywell's popular Lynx product. This new model features a beautiful 4.7" full color easy to use touchscreen. While that may be the first thing you notice, it's not the only difference from the standard Lynx Plus line. The Lynx Touch has a ton of new features and capabilities. A few notable are Z Wave lighting and energy management capabilities and built in WiFi 802.11 for add on AlarmNet IP Communicators. Go HERE to see a demonstration of the LYNX TOUCH NOTE: TO USE A WIRED SIREN WITH THIS UNIT YOU WILL NEED THE FOLLOWING: 1- Altronix Ultra Sensitive Relay Module 1- Power Supply Setup (Cabinet, Backup Battery, 16.5VAC 40VA Transformer, and a Power Supply (i.e. Ademco 12612)
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All Honeywell Lynx Plus Kits feature a 1 year parts warranty.