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Uniview Tech IPT528AIX - 5MP H.265 IR Outdoor Turret Dome Camera 2.8mm lens


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Uniview Tech IPT528AIX - 5MP H.265 IR Outdoor Turret Dome Camera 2.8mm lens

The Uniview Tech IPT528AIX is an outdoor turret dome camera that delivers 5MP high quality 2592 x 1944 Resolution. The IPT528 uses the latest H.265 encoding to reduce bandwidth usage. The H.265 encoding also compresses the video more than the previous standard H.264 compression allowing you to save storage space on your recorder's hard drive.

This camera features a fixed 2.8 mm lens with a 1/2.7", progressive scan , 5 megapixel, CMOS sensor and Smart IR LED technology that will allow you to see in full darkness up to 98 feet. It also has a 105.3° x 69.5° angle of view. The camera also features TRUE day/night switching because of their IR cut filters. This allows seamless switching between day and night viewing. Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) is also factored into the design of the IPT529 which helps maintain the quality of the image during low and high light conditions. The camera also has one-way audio w/ built-in microphone.

The IPT528 has features such as Corridor View which creates a vertical "portrait" video with a new 9:16 aspect ratio that works in tall, narrow spaces. Backlight compensation is another feature which allows the camera to compensate for backlight by enhancing automatic exposure control on the camera. 

This camera features Video Analytics to allow you to set triggers so that the cameras send notifications base on certain events like movement, entering a designated area, or picking out a human face. The cameras can be used stand alone, because of their built-in web server, or in conjunction with an NVR. The cameras also have the ability to utilize the Guard Station Software and Guard Viewer Mobile App for remote viewing and cloud connectivity.

The IPT528 is ONVIF Profile S Compliant. An ONVIF device compliant to the Profile S is an ONVIF device that sends video data over an IP network to a client. Also built in to this camera is the ability to triple stream. This means that one camera can have three separate streams which can be set at different resolutions and bitrates. The specs and resolution for the triple stream are as follows:

  • Main Stream: 5MP (2592 x 1944) @20 fps; 4MP
    (2560 x 1440) @30 fps; 3MP (2048x 1536) @30
    fps; 2MP (1920 x 1080) @30 fps
  • Sub: 2MP (1920 x 1080) @ 30fps
  • Third Stream: D1 (720×576) @ 30fps

The camera is IP67 weather resistant and can be powered with 12VDC or through PoE (Power over Ethernet). 

IPT528 Data sheet


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  • Can you tie this into most NVR's? If starting a new system, what NVR would you suggest to get the best resolution

    As long as the NVR is Onvif compatible, yes. It is recommended though that you stay within the same brand for easy enrolling of the cameras. It's very much automatic with the Uniview NVR's when using Uniview cameras, but when using other brands you have to manually enroll which is a more tedius process. As such, I'd recommend our Uniview NVR's with this camera. See below: