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Tactacam External Solar Panel With Integrated Rechargeable Lithium Battery


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Tactacam External Solar Panel With Integrated Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Just as the title suggests, this device is an externally mounted solar panel and battery for Tactacam Reveal cameras. This solar panel can save a lot of time and money over the long lifetime of a Tactacam camera, keeping you from having to replace batteries in the cameras. The solar panel comes with a built-in Lithium battery designed to hold enough battery power to keep your camera running at all times. This is dependent on how much sun the solar panel can get, so make sure it has a clear line of sight to the sun. Keeping the solar panel mounted in a location where the sun is present for the majority of the day should keep the lithium battery plenty charged to run your camera year-round. Additional AA batteries or the Tactacam Lithium Cartridge can be used as a backup power source when the solar panel is connected. 


Ask a Question
  • Will the solar panel keep charging the battery if the camera has been turned off?

    Yes the battery it charges is within the solar panel so it will charge to full regardless if a camera is even attached.

  • So does the solar panel charge the batteries in the camera if they are rechargeable?

    No, the solar panel charges the built in battery pack within the solar panel itself. Any batteries within the camera will take over should the solar panel battery be depleted, but the panel won't charge those.