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LSD 85-124 Wet Noodle Magnetic In-Wall Retrieval System WNRS


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LSD 85-124 Wet Noodle Magnetic In-Wall Retrieval System

The Wet Noodle is an in-wall retrieval system which allows you to fish wire through walls with ease. The 85-124 features an 18" telescoping pocket retriever that you can use to snag wire and pull it through with its hooked tip. You also get a 24" flexible, insulated retriever (the Wet Noodle) that features magnets on both ends. On one end of the Noodle is a 1/4" Neodymium magnet which means that it has some serious pulling power. The last thing you'll get with this is 10ft. of lightweight ball chain with a stop-ring to be used with the pocket retriever.

No matter if you're doing a retro install or just pulling wire for a new zone; this will become a trusted tool in your DIY installation arsenal.


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