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This is an annual subscription plan for Interactive Commercial Plus and Central Station Monitoring services. Keep in mind this is 2 services, both of which are activated individually. You will be emailed instructions for activating both services upon purchase. 

The Interactive Commercial Plus Plan includes all of the commercial-oriented features of the standard Interactive Commercial, and in addition, adds Z-wave automation features. Utilizing these automation features can not only improve the overall productivity of your business, but it could also save you money depending on what types of devices you use. A prime example would be using the automation to automate the thermostats in your building giving you full control over your temperature control thus saving energy. When paired with's video plan options you are also able to use camera business analytics to provide you with a wealth of information about the daily activity in your business. The automation features the Commercial Plus plan offers also apply to the enterprise security account you receive, so if you have multiple businesses you can easily manage each location from a single login. 

In addition, once set up, all signals from your panel will be forwarded to a Central Station to be responded to. Central Station has a set of standard procedures outlined below. Interactive Commercial Plus Service features include everything from the Interactive Commercial plan plus:

-1 Hour Supervision
-Audio Integration 
-Energy Monitoring
-Garage Door & Gate Control
-Irrigation Control
-LiftMaster Integration
-Lights and Thermostat Bundle
-Lutron Integration
-NEST Integration
-Severe Weather Alerts
-Smarter Business Temperature Monitoring
-Solar Integration
-Water Management
-Wireless Two-Way Voice

The central station's current standard response for alarms is:

Burglary: Verification #1, Verification #2, dispatch PD, then notify a contact on the call list.
Fire / Carbon Monoxide / Heat:
 Dispatch FD, then notify a contact at verification numbers or the call list in that order.
Panic / Holdup:
 Dispatch PD then notify contact on the call list.
Environmental alarms such as water, temperature, or humidity:
 notify a contact on the call list.
System Troubles:
 Notify a contact on the call list.



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