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This is an annual subscription to Interactive Commercial Service. Once purchased, you will be sent an activation email with instructions on activating your service plan.

The Interactive Commercial plan is a culmination of's best features catered for small to large businesses. Similar to residential plans, you will be able to use a computer portal or app to monitor and control your commercial security systems. You'll be able to remotely create logins and user codes for employees, and set up email, text, and push notifications for anyone that may need them. In addition to the standard features, you will also get commercial reporting which are weekly and monthly email reports that give you an overview of different aspects of your system. The most useful feature of Commercial plans, however, is the integration of an Enterprise Security Console which allows you to access multiple systems from the same page of your account. This enterprise page allows you to monitor the status of each system in real-time and make any adjustments as necessary. Interactive Commercial Service Features:

-Sending of alarm signals to a central station monitoring service
-Arming/Disarming Reports‎
-Commercial Reports‎
-Inactivity Alerts‎
-Open/Close Event Notifications‎
-Remote Arming/Disarming‎
-Scheduled Arm/Disarm‎
-Sensor Activity Monitoring for 50 sensors‎
-Sensor Activity Reports‎
-Unexpected Activity Alerts‎
-User Code Management‎ 
-6 Hour Supervision ‎
-Enterprise Energy 
-Enterprise Notices
-Enterprise Security Console


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